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Our Hand Poured Soy Candles will fill your home with wonderful fragrances and calming candlelight. We have many candles that make the perfect gift!

Our candles are richly scented and available in many different styles and sizes. We only use the best quality all natural Soy Wax made by EcoSoya. Our wicks are Cotton with a Hemp Core and are unbleached and Lead Free. No harmful chemicals, additives or dyes are used (unless specified or special order).

We are committed to producing Green Products. Our core values include keeping our earth first, appreciating and understanding our relationship to the environment, remaining honest and accountable, staying dedicated to producing quality products. Developing green products are a way of life, with each green product containing no palm wax, petroleum, paraffin, beeswax, pesticides, herbicides, toxic materials or genetically modified material. As green products, our soy wax line is natural and biodegradable, manufactured meeting FDA standards, Kosher certified and not tested on animals.

Our mission is the produce the safest, highest quality, long lasting, and richly scented Soy Candles. For over 7 years we have been testing our products to ensure safety, performance, scent throw and overall quality. We pour our candles in relatively small batches to ensure quality control. The advantage of buying from us is you get low, direct prices with a large selections of Fragrance on the market today!

We now offer a REWARDS PROGRAM for our valued customers. Receive 100 points just for signing up. Earn points for every dollar purchased!  Give friends and family your Name and if they sign up, you will get 100 points!


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